Che pinsa!
che pinsa

The result of ancient traditions

Even before the Roman Empire, our ancestors would light crackling wood fires to cook dough made from water, grain, and greens. The irresistible aroma and the unbeatable flavor of this delicacy have been carried with pride through to modern day by the pinsa, a traditional food that people from Lazio are very proud of.

In fact, you better not compare it to pizza: pinsa is kneaded differently and is left to rise for much longer. The result is a healthy, easy-to-digest, low-calorie, low-fat, and low-sodium product: in other words, it’s perfect for those who don’t want to give up flavor or a balanced diet.

Skilled, respectful hands

Che Pinsa! is exclusively made by hand. It’s based on respect for tradition and the raw materials, with a careful selection of the flours and high hydration: the result is the lightest pizza dough ever created, the only one of its kind because it’s left to rise for a total of 48 hours, then finished off by slow cooking in a wood fired oven.

You can tell the difference with all five senses: the appearance is irresistible, the aroma unforgettable, the artisanal quality is tangible, the crunch when you take a bite is harmonious, the flavor moving and unmistakable.

che pinsa