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Traditional is essential

Everybody knows Italy is a place with a lot of history and culture. And its food is famous everywhere in the world. That's probably why we're dead serious about food tradition, especially when you're talking about pizza, Italian most popular dish.

But how do you recognize a traditional Italian pizza? That's simple: the careful selection of the ingredients, the handcrafted dough, the long leavening and the richness of the topping. And yes, we're faithful to all of this.

We won't betray pizza, ever

To make pizzas of our Traditional line we only use high-quality Italian flour and tomatoes. All the doughs are left to rise for more than 24 hours, by constantly monitoring temperature and humidity. No chemical leavening agents are added and used.

Every single pizza is cooked in a wood oven: our wood-fired ovens are patented for a safe, hygienic and efficient cooking process on refractory stone. Every step of the process is supervised by experts pizzaioli. We did our job, you just have to choose your favorite and eat.

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