A pizza for everyone

It’s a warm evening in late spring. The table on the terrace is set, the soft drinks and beers are chilling, the kids are in their rooms studying, and you’ve just come home from a hard day at work. What’s better than the prospect of a family dinner and your apron-clad husband pulling  a 12x30 ITALPIZZA pizzas out of the freezer?

There’s just one problem: in a big family, everyone has their own taste. Your favorite is margherita pizza, maybe with a few cherry tomatoes to make it fancy, Laura is vegan, Marco won’t stand for pizza without mushrooms, and your husband can’t give up his daily dose of cheese.

One for every taste

Lucky for you, there’s 12x30, the perfect pizza size that hardly takes up any space in the oven (you can cook three at once on a single rack) and that satisfies every taste. Dinner is taken care of and the delicious smell wafting through the air lures the kids out of their rooms. Your family is ready to sit down at the table.

Maybe it’s the dough that’s left to rise over 24 hours, the fact that it was cooked in a wood fired oven, maybe it’s the rustic sauce that gives it that one-of-a-kind flavor, or the thick, fragrant crust of the 12x30... whatever the reason, it’s hard to stop at just one. That must be why the second batch is already ready! Well, bon appetit!