About us

A fairytale of a story

Nestled among lush green hills, right in the middle of an inviting land teeming with life, you’ll find Castello di Serravalle. That’s where, one day in 1991, a local entrepreneur decided to give the world a 100% Italian experience through his country’s most beloved and iconic food: pizza.

It all starts with quality

“Why not make a high-quality pizza that retains its characteristics anywhere in the world?”

that man asked himself.

“We need to carefully select the ingredients, have expert hands work on them, skillfully control the time and temperature of the wood fired oven, and, finally, freeze the product so it retains its unmistakably Italian flavor.”

Authentic values

And that’s how ITALPIZZA came to be. What started as a small local company is now a brand leader in Italy and famous worldwide for making products that preserve the qualities of Italian tradition. It’s been a long time and we’ve gotten a lot of flour on our hands since 1991, but the values our products are based on have remained the same: long rise time, hand-stretched, hand-topped, and cooked in wood fired ovens.

Using an extremely artisanal method, this is how we were able to invent new shapes and flavors that would pique even the pickiest of palates and make it easy to share this iconic Italian dish.

We do it like this

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I start my day with a nice little rest: I’m left undisturbed for more than 24 hours under constantly controlled temperature and humidity to keep a soft, light consistency.

Lavorate a mano


It’s time to make me good to eat and nice to look at. I’m stretched and massaged strictly by hand, following Italian artisanal tradition.

Lavorate a legna


Now it’s time for my sauna. The crackle of sustainably sourced local oak and beech wood warms the pizza stone, giving me that classic aroma of the wood fired ovens used in Italian pizzerias.



The wood combustion and the wood firing are separated, like this the product is never in direct contact either with the wood or with the combustion fumes, which are aspirated separately and eliminated.



A rotating brush cleans the refractory plate inside the cooking chamber. In this way, the pizza is cooked each time on a clean surface.



The quality of our ingredients and a simple cooking will transform your table into a triumph of taste and fragrance. A tip: defrost our pizzas before putting them into the oven for an even better flavor!